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Ameer Idreis

Hi, my name’s

Ameer Idreis

I’m an urban planning student and a writer.

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Who I Am.

Ameer Idreis at Queen’s Model Parliament

A Little About Myself.

As the header reads, I’m an urban planning student and a writer.

While that may be a TL;DR, a scroll down this page and a click or two should explain who I am, what I’ve down, and what I’m up to. Want to get in touch? My contact info is in the footer so please feel free!

I’m a graduate student completing a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto, with a focus on inequity, the climate crisis, and decolonization as they relate to urban planning, design, and transport. I believe we collectively have the right and responsibility to shape the world we live in for the better and I hope to work toward that vision.

Academics aside, I’m interested in creative writing, making niche playlists, and playing my electric guitar. As a writer, I initially self-published my debut novel at twelve and participated in a number of author reading events and conducted interviews for the CBC. I now continue to work on creative projects in a variety of media, most notably on design projects and on my upcoming novel. I have also delved into other fields like short film production (Words Hurt, Words Heal) and the world of podcasting (The Brother-Sister Podcast, Alohomora!).

Always a work in progress, I strive to try my hand at everything.


BA (Hons.) Political Studies
Queen’s University
2017 to 2021

Master of Science in Planning
University of Toronto
2022 to Current

What I Do.


I’m always doing something new, working on some random project that might never see the light of day. I love to make things and venture into the unknown, like the times I tried podcasting, created an extensive fan site, or worked for months building a search engine (yes, really). Some, however, have managed to sneak out into the world. Below are just some of the things I’ve done – some good, some not so good (remember I was twelve).

The Ewald Series

A series of novels following the adventures of Ewald Ellington through new mythical lands beyond the realm of his imagination.

Design Work

A number of creative design projects from the cover for a Canadian language dictionary to branding for real and fictional political campaigns.

Website Design & Creation

Websites I’ve written and designed, including this personal website, the Ewald Series website, and a website for fine artist Hanadi Bader.

Politicus Article

An academic article outlining Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution and the impediment it poses to the decolonization of Indigenous rights.

The Brother-Sister Podcast

A conversation between brother and sister.

Words Hurt, Words Heal

A short film following a vicious bullying campaign and the tragic events in its aftermath.


Queen’s Model Parliament

Two model sessions of the Canadian House of Commons in which I sat as a Member of Parliament and delivered speeches.

Advice from Authors

Interviews with award-winning Canadian authors Kenneth Oppel and Kevin Sylvester.

Alohomora! Podcast

An episode of Alohomora! that I guest-hosted to discuss Chapter 37 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What I’m Up To.

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