Ameer Idreis
Ameer Idreis

Hi, my name’s

Ameer Idreis

I’m a writer and urbanist.

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Who I Am.

Ameer Idreis at Queen’s Model Parliament

A Little About Myself.

As it says at the top, I’m a writer and urbanist.

Releasing my debut novel in 2012, I've been writing ever since – penning three novels, several academic and popular articles, and most recently working on award-winning and in-development plays.

I'm also an emerging urbanist with a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto and work on various planning and public engagement projects around urbanism, city-building, and culture.

Writing and urbanism aside, I love curating niche playlists, exploring forest trails, and playing my electric guitar. I also work on creative projects in a variety of media, having delved into website and graphic design, short film production, and the world of podcasting.

Always a work in progress, I strive to try my hand at everything.

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What I Do.

Ewald and the Gems of Time Cover
Ewald and the Land of Unknown Cover
Ewald and the City of Wonder: Part 1 Cover
Ships in the Night Play Cover


I’m always doing something new, diving into random projects that might never see the light of day – like the times I tried podcasting, created an extensive fan site, or spent months building a search engine (yes, really). But hey, some of them actually manage to sneak out into the world!



My writing debut in The Ewald Series and my in-development novel, The Young Society.


Award-winning and in-development plays, including Ships in the Night, The Walls Enclosing, and Lines in the Land.

Popular Writing

Shorter published pieces, including a collaged article and book chapter.

Academic Writing

Academic articles on the role and impact of the Canadian Constitution on Indigenous sovereignty and minority rights.

Media & Design

Graphic Design Work

A number of creative design projects from the cover for a Canadian language dictionary to branding for real and fictional political campaigns.

Website Design & Creation

Websites I’ve written and designed, including this personal website and the Ewald Series website, among others.

The Brother-Sister Podcast

A short-lived conversation between brother and sister.

Words Hurt, Words Heal

A short film following a vicious bullying campaign and the tragic events in its aftermath.


Planning Research & Community Engagement

Consulted and worked on various research, planning, and public engagement projects on urbanism, city-building, and culture.

School of Cities Graduate Fellowship

Researched the Ontario Greenbelt and its impact on experiences of the region, interviewed experts, and produced a major research paper and a play.

What I’m Up To.

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